Stool sample

Sometimes when I’m preaching I just need to rest my legs for a second. I don’t need to actually sit down, so a chair would be a bit much. I need a stool. Something that I can lean on to relax a little bit during my lengthy sermon. I mean, everybody else gets a nap in the pews, right? Fortunately, we have some very nice stools on stage that I can use to take some of the weight off my feet during a marathon-length sermon, but I don’t really trust them.

They’re in relatively good shape, have an appropriate weight rating and they are regularly used by the praise team… but I still don’t trust them. I guess it’s me. My lack of confidence in the stool demonstrates the problem of weak faith.

Weak faith is when a subject has no confidence in an object. Let me explain: The subject is the one who is trusting something or someone. The object is the thing or person trusted. So, with the stool. I am the subject and the stool is the object. There’s no problem with the object in this illustration. It’s made well and functioning properly. It’s worth trusting, I just refuse to trust it.

The people of Cana in John 4:43-54 demonstrate the same kind of weak faith. They saw Jesus’ works at Jerusalem, and some of them drank the water he miraculously turned into wine, and yet the text indicates that they merely “welcome” Jesus and don’t “receive” or “honor” him. That’s kind of a bummer.

But people who recognize good reasons to believe seem to find their way to Jesus. A man from Capernaum makes a long and difficult journey to ask Jesus to heal his son. Jesus heals the boy, but does it without leaving Cana. He merely tells the man to go home, and his son will live. On the way home, the man meets his servants who were coming to let him know that his son received healing at the exact time the man was speaking with Jesus.

Cool story, but it also points out the weak faith of the people in Cana. Here’s my question: wasn’t there anyone sick in Cana that needed Jesus to heal them? Which of the people in Cana went with the man back to Capernaum to see that his son had been healed? Crickets… crickets… crickets... And a whole lot of weak faith. Trusting Jesus just makes good sense, not because of what he does for you, but for who he is. The full sermon is available at: Weak Faith John 4:43-54

and you can catch up on our John series on our YouTube channel at: Pathway Community Church

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