John 11:4 reveals the reason for Lazarus’ death when it says, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.” The words “glory” and “honor” synonymously describe a single concept of conformity to the key values of one’s social group. When our friends and family value frugality, we receive praise for the wise use of our money. Finding a piece of designer clothing at the thrift store becomes a tale of adventure and discovery for someone who closely monitors their resources. Who, after all, would pay full price for clothes?! Well, someone in a different social group who has a different set of values. Perhaps the other group values

Lost sheep

Occasionally, I lose my wife. I pick up my phone and dial her number and get no response. So, I text her. Nothing. Where is she? I try a different text service; then I start blowing up her Facebook. I do everything short of asking the neighbors to go and see if she’s okay. Almost always, she has turned her ringer off and “forgotten” to turn it back on. Who does that? It’s like she’s okay with being… lost. It’s hard to get lost in the modern world. With GPS and location services on our devices, we intentionally unplug to get lost in the silence for a few weeks out of the year. The modern world requires that we unplug, but disconnection isn’t always healthy. In the first century, you relied on

Without apology

Later today, I will portray an atheist for an Apologetics course at the local Bible institute. Although it looks like the word "apology," it's not apologizing for being a Christian. Far from it, apologetics seeks to demonstrate the reasonableness of the Christian faith against critics, and atheism denies the existence of God. There isn’t a lot of ‘common ground’ between the two different views of reality, and it’s a big challenge to step outside of my own beliefs and fairly represent something foreign to me. Today’s task exploits what the students don’t know about the Bible, namely the text critical and interpretational nuances that they accept, but atheists generally reject. To interpret an

Did you write that down?

In my office sits an antique family Bible printed in 1840. Published before the age of competing translations, it features the then-standard King James Version. The publisher’s selling points come from what’s been added to the text in the form of woodcut images, historical commentary and family record pages. I find the family record pages most interesting. The family who purchased the bible in the 1840’s used it to record births, communicable diseases, deaths and marriages… using a fountain pen and beautiful script. At the end of the records, you see the transition to a ball point; the ubiquitous writing instrument of the modern age. The ball point pen is everywhere. Do you have one? One? Wi

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