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Hiroo Onoda refused to come down the mountain. When WW2 ended, Allied planes dropped leaflets to inform Japanese soldiers that the war was over, but Hiroo and two other soldiers refused to believe it. Even in 1952 when planes dropped letters and pictures from family, they still would not believe that the war was over. As one of the longest holdouts, he continued to fight against the Philippine police until 1974. Hiroo had information that the war was over, but he refused to accept it. John 5 pictures the same kind of obstinacy; a lame man who is waiting to be healed by the pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem meets Jesus. You remember Jesus, right? The guy who went around healing people? And here’

Textual healing

If you’re using a modern translation, and you should, you’ll notice John 5:4 deleted altogether or relegated to a footnote. What in the world?! Is there an actual “hole” in the Bible? Or is there some mysterious reason why the verse has been deleted? The mystery exists because of the appearance of textual criticism in modern times, which evaluates the hand copied texts of Scripture to get as close as possible to the original reading. Let’s back up and think about the origin of the New Testament. Several different authors wrote the works that comprise the New Testament in the time period between the resurrection of Christ and the end of the first century. The original manuscripts are lost, bu

Stool sample

Sometimes when I’m preaching I just need to rest my legs for a second. I don’t need to actually sit down, so a chair would be a bit much. I need a stool. Something that I can lean on to relax a little bit during my lengthy sermon. I mean, everybody else gets a nap in the pews, right? Fortunately, we have some very nice stools on stage that I can use to take some of the weight off my feet during a marathon-length sermon, but I don’t really trust them. They’re in relatively good shape, have an appropriate weight rating and they are regularly used by the praise team… but I still don’t trust them. I guess it’s me. My lack of confidence in the stool demonstrates the problem of weak faith. Weak fa

Meeting women (ancient history edition)

How does one meet women? Since I met my woman (and my soulmate and most faithful blog reader) a long time ago, I don’t really know how one meets women these days. In the movies and on television, it seems that buying a woman a drink at a bar connects interested couples in the modern world. But it hasn’t always been that way since the neighborhood “watering hole” became a fixture of modern life only recently. In the ancient world, one met eligible women at the literal “watering hole,” the village well, where people gathered daily for news and water. Genesis 24 (and again in 29) pictures significant women in the life of national Israel meeting either their future husband or his agent. A man me

Babies on the witness stand...

On Friday, all three of my grandchildren were sitting innocently on the couch when I hear a plate bounce off the floor. I went in, admonished the assorted humans on the couch and put the plate back. The littlest one was “using it” to eat some toast. She actually had toast in both hands and wasn’t really using the plate, but I put it back on general principle. And then, the plate hit the floor again. I picked it up and asked the toddlers who had knocked the plate to the floor… What comes next won’t surprise you. The baby got thrown under the bus. Probably because she’s the one who has the least ability to defend herself. The boys said: “baby Lana did it.” I looked at baby Lana, who said, and

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