Zombie Washing

The Gospel of John is a theological and historical account of the life of Jesus Christ. John, the author, weaves theological points into his work using true historical events. This is important to understand as we are examining the Gospel of John. We aren’t looking only for the history behind the text, nor are we only looking at the theology that the text teaches. We are looking at both by closely examining the text. John 2:1-11 tells a story about the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. In the story, Jesus is at a wedding with his mother and his disciples when the host runs out of wine. This is a major social embarrassment as the union of the new couple is really the union of two families,

Mistaken identity

I have a generic face, almost like the guy in this stock picture. Often when I go somewhere new, they “remember” me from the last time I was there. Except, I’ve never been there. Sometimes this works to my advantage if someone had fond memories of the “other me,” but at least once, it caused significant confusion. Ruth Ann and I had been married for about eight years when I first went to college. I looked similar enough to one of the single students that all the single ladies thought he was married. We decided to clear things up during a student chapel. I introduced myself to the student body and then carefully made sure that everyone knew that I was the married man and my friend was single.

What I really meant was...

One key aspect of studying the Bible is identifying the author’s intended meaning. That sounds like a mouthful, or even a concept that will be hard to get at, but every author writes for a purpose. Take this blog for example. Why, as a busy pastor, do I take the time to write a weekly-ish blog post? Well, I’m glad you asked. There are three big reasons: advertising, reminding, and expanding. Having a weekly post gives me an opportunity to present at least a portion of what we’re doing as a church. There’s a lot more that’s going on here, as you can see from our Facebook page and website. There’s even more going on that our online presence doesn’t capture, but you can get a glimpse into what

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