Swimming with Elephants

We’ve been “setting the table” throughout August by studying important background information for the Gospel of John, an extended study that we will start the first week of September. There are a couple of “whys” behind all this preparation. Why do we need background information? The Gospel of John was written by a follower of Jesus at a specific time in history. We can miss important nuances that the author didn’t need to explain because he and his audience shared a common understanding of recent historical events. One of the key events for the Gospel of John is the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 a.d. This rocked the religious world and forms an important, but often unspoken,

Reference Library

Take a look at the new reference section of the library! Are you an Ethnos 360 student? Your textbooks are in our library! Drop by to chat, read, or find a quiet place to finish that big paper. I just realized I might be more excited about reference books than most people... ;)

Modern Rockets and Ancient Temples

I recently re-watched Apollo 13, a movie about a mission to the moon that went horribly wrong. The events, and thus the movie, were set in 1970 when I was just a baby. I have no recollection of the actual event, the only access I have to it are historical reports and the re-creation of that event by Hollywood. As I watched the movie, I looked online to discover that you can read transcripts of the actual give-and-take between the astronauts and ground control. I found this far more interesting, but also far less entertaining than the movie. The words on the page failed to capture the emotional intensity of men who are trapped in a hostile environment where a single mistake could kill them in

What's missing?

Our current series covers important background to the Gospel of John. In a way, we’re “setting the table” for what comes next. My wife and I have a lot of company, which we enjoy, and getting the table ready is one task that I enjoy. When you look at this picture of a place setting, what’s missing? That’s right… there’s no spoon! The last thing you want to do when there’s a tasty dessert in front of you is ask for a spoon to eat it with. So, in our current series, we are looking at historical and cultural details we might need in order to do a good exposition of John’s Gospel. Our first sermon covered the history of the Intertestamental period. We discussed the rise and fall of Alexander the

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