Bumps in the night

I first woke up about 2:30… I don’t remember all of what I was dreaming about, but it had to do with spiritual warfare, the topic of Sunday’s message. Usually, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I lie there and pray. I ask the Lord to protect our home, and I often think of my kids, or of my church family. And then I heard a bump. I wasn’t sure if it was the paranoia of being halfway awake, or thinking about “spiritual warfare,” but I woke all the way up and started listening closely. My wife was sleeping soundly and the fan was blowing, so I couldn’t tell if I was hearing an intruder downstairs or not… So, I decided to take my flashlight and check. Now, some of you might think that a

Lazy Bill

When I was in the Navy, we had a hard time getting some of our sailors to be… productive. One fellow stands out for his unique ability to avoid work. We’ll call him Bill. He was a master at avoiding work. Each of us had regular watches, where we would monitor various kinds of equipment for about 8 hours a day and, in addition to that, we also had repair assignments and (endless) cleaning assignments. On top of all that, we had “collateral duties.” These were jobs that each of us had to find the time to do: safety, gage calibration, hazardous materials monitoring and such. We were kept busy, and there always seemed to be more that needed to be done. Well, Bill’s collateral duty was to be the

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