Donuts and debauchery

Last Friday, someone sent me an evil text message. A photograph that led instantly to questionable thoughts on my part, it was… a box of donuts. But not just any donuts, they were from the local specialty shop and they had… chocolate frosting. The reason this photograph created questionable thoughts is that I’ve been struggling to keep my weight under control, and chocolate frosted donuts are a significant part of the problem. Why? Because donuts are more than food. They’re portable happiness. And there’s an infinite variety of happiness wrapped up in a donut. Chocolate frosting? No problem. You want sprinkles? Yep, sprinkles. Have you heard about our new maple bacon frosting? Well, I have n

Stone soup!

The children’s story, Stone Soup, is based on common folk tales from around the world. A group of weary travelers passes through a war-torn village on their way home. They have no food, and go around the village asking if anyone will provide them with a meal. Every door remains closed and the shutters are locked tight. They are as welcome as those alternative door-knocking religious people in a town full of Southern Baptists. What to do? The men get out their little camp pot, select three smooth stones from the village square, fill the pot with water, and begin to cook stone soup. Soon enough, the villagers get curious. Soup made from stones seems to be a convenient way to handle a tight bud

Community Fun Day!

I love it when the school year ends. It marks the transition from one set of routines to another, much more relaxed way of life. After school is over, I often take a minute to clean up the wreckage of the school year (and my office), and find a little time for family and friends. Perhaps you’re the same, and maybe you’ve been thinking about dropping by Pathway Community Church now that the rush of school is over. Well, here’s a great opportunity to break the ice and meet some new folks. During the summer, and perhaps even beyond, we’ll be hosting a Community Fun Day on the first Saturday of the month starting on June 3. Drop by at 3 o’clock and we’ll celebrate with punch, cookies and games.

Buckets of patience?

I have nerves of steel. At least, that’s what I kept telling myself as I trained yet another new truck driver. This young man from Baltimore was driving me crazy with his personality quirks and constant rejection of my advice. I have nerves of steel and buckets of patience. At least, that’s what I kept telling myself. In-truck training takes several weeks using an apprenticeship model where the trainer and trainee live and work side by side, 24 hours a day, for up to two weeks straight. I have buckets of patience. The apprenticeship model of education puts a new learner in the hands of a skilled tradesman. The skilled person demonstrates what’s required, supervises the trainee’s practice and

Burly truckers and happy places

I could see the problem. Bill was facing a mid-life career crisis. A giant of a man and a former US Marine, he had worked in a factory for years. With a downturn in the economy, the plant was closing, and he decided to become an over-the-road flatbed truck driver. At the time, I was his driver trainer, and I could see Bill’s struggle. Every time Bill made a mistake, it created a cascade of worry. He worried that he wouldn’t get the job, and that he wouldn’t be able to pay his bills, and, mostly, that he would not be able to care for his son. And so, with every mistake came an avalanche that shook Bill all the way down to his deepest fears. He fought valiantly against it, but he was really st

Architectural Christianity

I own a little farmhouse close to the town of Sunfield in rural Michigan. It’s a beautiful place, set on a hilltop and surrounded by great neighbors and farm fields. It’s also an old house, constructed around the turn of the century. No, not the recent turn of the century, the one before that. Which makes my little farmhouse over a hundred years old! The architect of the house was probably also the builder, who was also a farmer. So, the house is a little… miscellaneous. I discovered one aspect of this miscellany when my wife noticed that the ceiling of the living room would bend and flex every time my son, the giant, would walk into his room. We decided to replace the floor. I removed the l

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