Impossible Boundaries

I worked for several years as an over-the-road flatbed truck driver, delivering all kinds of construction materials, often to job sites around the country. One of my favorite loads was clay pipe, made in Ohio and delivered to a housing project outside Sioux City. The pipe, which has a 100-year guarantee, would provide drainage for a new neighborhood and the contractor wanted me to take my tractor trailer down a winding clay “road” that he had created using his imagination and a bulldozer. I considered his request for about two seconds before I said: “no.” Driving this truck and trailer every day in all kinds of weather and road conditions led me to know, with definite certainty, what situati

Paint buckets and bendy men.

Last week, I preached on Ephesians 2:1-10. It’s a powerful text and loaded with theologically charged words and ideas. I try to focus my message on the central idea of the passage by carefully considering the, well, um… grammar. I mostly forgot about grammar after the fifth grade or so, until I began studying Biblical languages and then I very quickly caught up on fifth grade English. In English, we usually identify the parts of a sentence by the word order. The subject usually comes before the verb and the object. The subject does the action of the verb, and the object receives the action. So, in the sentence: “Bob hit the ball,” we identify “Bob” as the subject and “the ball” as the object

Head transplant?

I noticed a news item recently that a team of international doctors will attempt a human head transplant. The patient is a Russian man whose body suffers from a debilitating nerve condition, so even a slight improvement may ease his suffering. The medical community debates the chances of success and questions the legality and ethics of a head transplant, but a it does have a theological precedent. The apostle Paul uses a compound metaphor of the head and body in the book of Ephesians to describe the relationship between Jesus and the church. Jesus is the “head,” and the church is his “body.” This comparison gives the reader a simple and dynamic understanding of Christ’s relationship to the c

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