New Pastor, High Mileage

Pastor Todd has a long and distinguished resume which includes service as a missionary Bible teacher, a seminary degree and... a commercial driver's license! After graduating seminary, Todd found himself in need of work while waiting for just the right ministry opportunity. With over 500,000 miles of career experience pounding pavement, he was eager to serve the church full time, and put his seminary training to work. His time behind the wheel has been an incredibly formative experience, and he works hard to make sure sermons work in the real world. Drop by for a visit and swap stories from the Big Road with a guy who's been there!

Pants on fire

This is reposted from Pastor Todd's time in seminary. I’m reading through Augustine’s take on lying for a seminary class. So far, I’ve concluded that he’s pretty much against it. It’s a tough read on a couple of different levels, as a piece of literature it features long sentences and obscure pronoun referents. It also seems that he uses reductio ad absurdum, where an argument is reduced to the absurd, without a really clear explanation to bring it home. On another level, it causes you to really think through how you view integrity. In our world, public figures offer explanations and caveats for controversial statements and we consider this a normal course of events. When a crime occurs in o

Light-walking in the Gospel of John

The Gospel of John is amazing. Not only for its revelation of the person of Jesus Christ, but also for its masterful literary composition. John plays with themes of light and darkness through the first half of the work, implicitly (and sometimes boldly) challenging the reader to make a choice: walk in the light or remain in darkness. ‘Walking in the light’ has become a stock phrase for Christians that means the correct understanding of God and proper application of His principles to daily life. John introduces this theme in chapter one, but then plays with it in chapters three and four. In chapter three, Nicodemus comes to Jesus at night and quite clearly doesn’t get it. He remains in darkne

Church on a micro scale

For about two years, Pastor Todd and his wife, Ruth Ann ministered to their neighbors by hosting church at home. This blog post comes from their time doing: “home church.” For about the last two years, we’ve been doing church at home. Weird, right? Well, yes and no. It’s certainly different than a ‘big’ church. Our regular meetings include four to six adults and three to five children. We’ve spent our time walking slowly through the history of ancient Israel and are currently half-way through the book of John. There are things you can do in home church that you just can’t do in a formal church setting. If you’re running late, that’s fine, we won’t start without you. You can stop and ask a qu

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